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About Us

We started from the beginning in 2015 to become as we are today for us to leverage new heights and new commitments for providing an industry grade business solutions for our clients. We have been building our expertise since 2015 and we incorporated our new platform to become industry leader in our expertise, specifically in four areas as our unique single platform for our clients to leverage our strengths and expertise.

We are true believer in harmonizing our solutions that perfectly fit our clients and stakeholders business ecosystem and grow it together in an innovative manner. In meeting the challenges of the future, it is important to have a dedicated technology supplier and expert service provider that they can rely on for further growth and development. INFINITE IDEAS SOLUTION PLT is truly a customer-minded company with the capacity and capability to answer such a need.

We are spearheaded by a group of dedicated professionals with appropriate backgrounds and qualifications. We are your partner in the effective provision of products and services covering a wide spectrum of services from our Industrial Design & Printing Services, ICT Services, Trade & Outsourcing Services and Engineering & Construction Services.

Our Goal

With a goal of being the best in whatever we do, INFINITE IDEAS continuously helps customers in gaining the competitive edge through 4 main divisions, namely Engineering & Construction Division, ICT Division, Industrial Design & Printing Division and Trade & Outsourcing Division.

Our Vision

We aim to be respected as a leading diversified company that specializes in Engineering & Construction, ICT, Industrial Design & Printing and Trade & Outsourcing. Our market penetration has extended to all parts of Malaysia as well as other countries in South East Asia.

Our Mission